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Unlimited Colors Available

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by Admin
May 21, 2013
Category:   Blog Features, Shortcodes

REP allows you to change the default colors of the theme as you please. Pick a color from the picker or insert a hex or rgb number and the color will automatically be implemented through all the website pages. You can always go back to the default theme colors.

You have control over the following colors:

  • Background Color
  • Content Background Color
  • Header Background Color
  • Breadcrumbs Background Color
  • Breadcrumbs Font Color
  • Font Color
  • Link Color
  • Headings Color
  • Comment Font Color
  • Comment Area Back Color / Agent area Color
  • Footer Background Color
  • Footer Font Color
  • Footer Copyright Color
  • Sidebar Widget Color
  • Top Menu Font Color
  • Top Menu hover back color
  • Top Menu hover font color
  • Agent Content Border Color
  • Listings Content Border Color
  • Blog Content Border Color
  • Dotted line Color
  • Sidebar Second font Color

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